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November 21, 2010 / passiveprogressive

Morocco’s Energy Sources

Morocco is one of the few Maghreb countries that imports most of its energy. It also bears the slightly embarrassing title of the only African country to import electricity directly off of Europe’s power grid.

By and large however, Morocco uses coal fired plants for its electrical grid and while it has a small amount of coal producing capacity, this resource is rapidly decreasing.

In order to gain energy independence, Morocco has recently decided to invest upwards of 3 billion dollars in renewable energy. Morocco has tremendous potential for wind power due to the relatively stable trade winds, as well as potential for solar power in the Sahara. Some forecasters have predicted that Morocco could create up to 6 GW of power through solar systems. With the current national production capacity at about 4 GW, this would give Morocco the possibility of exporting cheap electricity back to Europe.

During the last week of October, King Mohammed VI inaugurated a solar energy venture in the city of Ouarzazate that will, once completed, generate about 500 MW of electricity.

Morocco has numerous sustainable energy projects. The area of the circle represents the relative output of the various projects in terms of MW.

For further information on Morocco’s energy needs, I highly recommend this data set.


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